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My name is Michelle S. Two of my grandchildren attend the R'Club. Without sponsorship, neither child would be able to be there.

The staff is wonderful, always cheerful greetings to the children and the parents. Having raised 2 children myself, I know that children pick up quickly the atmosphere and react to it – positively or negatively. The children are happy when we drop them off and are happy when we pick them up. The center is well run and the teachers care about the children's safety, well-being, and growth.

The 2 year old was not in daycare prior to attending R'Club. I have seen her personality blossom in the short time she has been attending. She can't wait to go to school most mornings and asks about whether she gets to go to school on the weekends. Her speech has improved greatly as well as her recognition of words and what they belong with – using the correct words in a sentence. The 8 month old has begun crawling and standing. He plays by himself without needing to be held for short times, which is a step forward.